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KnightCTF - Hello

Published on Jan 22, 2023 by Cartoone and Kalitsune.





For this challenge, we are given a capture of networks, we observe it and we notice that there are several seris of request between others login ICMP and request DNS, we notice a series of requests DNS not solved in the form:

X.knightctf.com for X a character change for each request.

We can see that their sub-domains are one character long, so we write them one after the other to obtain :


Decoding this string, which is obviously in base 64, gives us :


We can see that this string is encrypted with a substitution algorithm, as the structure seems correct. We look for the beginning of the key (we’re told in the statement that the flag is coded in vigenère) as we know that the flag begins with KCTF we obtain KNIG we deduce that the key was KNIGHT and we obtain the flag:


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